Precaution for Service

What is New Chitose Limousine Bus?

  • New Chitose Airport Limousine Bus has been operated between New Chitose Airport and several bus stops of Sapporo City.
  • This bus offers door-to-door service, which you can take this bus at 62 bus stops as well as subway station and bus stops near to your house.


  • Please allow enough time for transfer to the flight time, because buses may be delayed due to the traffic jams or adverse weather conditions.
  • Please be reminded that the bus will depart on time regardless of any flight delays.
  • Please refrain from smoking on the bus.
  • Set your mobile phone to silent mode, and refrain from speaking over the telephone.
  • Passengers are obliged to fasten a seatbelt on express way.
  • Please be reminded the bus offer its service only for passengers heading for Minami Chitose or New Chitose Airport from Sapporo and for Sapporo from Minami Chitose or New Chitose.