Public Manners Required

Please understand the manners below to enjoy relaxing time on a bus.

Please fasten your seat-belt when seated.

  • Please be reminded that fastening seatbelt while driving on expressway has been obliged since Jun 1st, 2007.

Please refrain from smoking in the bus and around the bus stop.

  • Smoking in a bus and around a bus stop is prohibited in order to avoid passive smoking.

Please do not recline your seat without care or thought for others.

  • Please ask the other behind if they will mind when you recline your seat.

Please do not occupy a place with your belongings so that other passengers can sit comfortably.

  • Occupying with belongings is not allowed in order to offer as many seats as possible to other passengers.
  • Please hold your preschool child on your lap. (child who is not required to pay the fare)

Please be quiet in a bus.

  • Please appropriate volume of your head phone in order not to disturb other passengers.

Please turn off your mobile phone.

  • Please turn off your mobile phone in order not to bother other passengers in the bus.